Planning staff provide the following services:

Planning Application Review

Potential applicants are encouraged to schedule a meeting with the city planner prior to submitting an application.  To make an appointment, please call city hall at 651.452.1850 or contact Tim Benetti, Community Development Director, via phone 651.452.1850 or email him at

Planning Application (required for all submittals)

Planning Application Submittal 2017 Schedule


Zoning and Subdivision Information

Planning staff can provide information and interpretation on zoning and subdivision regulations and district locations contained in Titles 11 and 12 of the City Code.  The Code is available for review at:


Accessory Structure Permit Application
Critical Area Map
Driveway Permit Application
Fence Permit Application

New Single-Family Dwelling - Building Permit Supplement

Sign Permit Application

Single-Family Residential Dwelling Construction Standards
Table of Uses

Zoning Map  

Comprehensive Planning and Amendments

The City of Mendota Heights adopted the 2030 Comprehensive Plan in 2010.  The plan outlines the "big picture" for future development in relation to land use, water, storm water, sewer systems, parks, trails, the airport, and roadways.  The Comprehensive Plan provides a general picture of how development is planned and gives people buying and selling property in Mendota Heights an idea of how we expect a specific piece of land to be used.  Any property owner has the right to request a change in the Comprehensive Plan.


Comprehensive Plan Amendment Application
2030 Comprehensive Land Use Plan Map 
MH 2030 Comp Plan Final Section 1 - Credits  
MH 2030 Comp Plan Final Section 2 - Background  
MH 2030 Comp Plan Final Section 3 - Land Use Plan  
MH 2030 Comp Plan Final Section 4 - Transportation Plan  
MH 2030 Comp Plan Final Section 5 - Parks & Open Space Plan  
MH 2030 Comp Plan Final Section 6 - Waste Water  
MH 2030 Comp Plan Final Section 7 - Implementation  

Comprehensive Plan - Summary to City Council

Comprehensive Plan - Community Engagement Results

Comprehensive Plan - Draft Goals and Policies

Comprehensive Plan - Update Memo to City Councl

Code Enforcement

Planning staff is responsible for code enforcement relating to zoning, including residential and commercial/industrial property maintenance.  Please contact city hall with any questions or a complaint at 651.452.1850.

Recycling Program Administration

In cooperation with Dakota County, the City provides and promotes various recycling opportunities to residents.  The largest event is the annual Spring Clean-Up, which is typically held in April or May.

“Open to Business” Coordination

Through a partnership with the Dakota County Community Development Agency (CDA) and the Metropolitan Consortium of Community Developers (MCCD) the City will have a certified “Open to Business” consultant available to offer free consulting services.  For more information on the services offered in the “Open to Business” program, or to schedule an appointment contact Laurie Crow, Business Advisor at 952.484.3107 or  Visit  

This service is free to any Mendota Heights business or resident.  The consultant will be available for appointments, and can help plan and work through small business challenges such as:

• Accounting and record keeping
• Business acquisition
• Business start-up
• Business plan development
• Cash flow, financial and business analysis
• Loan packaging
• Networking
• Operations
• Strategic planning
• Commercial real estate analysis

In addition, “Open to Business” advisors can assist entrepreneurs in identifying borrowing needs and financing options.  Direct financing and loans up to $25,000 are also available through the “Open to Business” program.  “Open to Business” consultants are provided by the MCCD.