Police Reserves

In 2009, the Mendota Heights Police Department restarted its volunteer Reserve Officer Program.  The group was made up of six Reserves and all but one has moved on to other pursuits. In 2011, 4 additional Reserve Officers were added and over the past year, two of those have left the program to pursue other interests, including becoming a licensed officer and Reserve Officer in a neighboring community.  The Reserves are under the direction of Sgt. Peyton Fleming.  Becky Pentel, who is also a volunteer, provides assistance with coordinating events, training, and clerical needs.

Training for the Reserves is ongoing; the first year's training included traffic direction, dealing with the public, use of radios, 1st aid/AED, use of force and prisoner transports.  Reserves have participated in ongoing training with Reserve Officers from West St. Paul, Inver Grove Heights, and South St. Paul.  West St. Paul provided training on the use of the 800 mhz radios and the Dakota County Communication Center (911).  Inver Grove Heights hosted training on traffic stops, vehicle searches and traffic direction. Mendota Heights provided training in conjunction with HealthEast Paramedics on the role of Reserve Officers at medicals.  This included 1st aid training and AED as well as a refresher on the proper use of an AED. 

Mendota Heights Reserve Officers have been very busy working in the community as well.  Events have included Mendota Heights fireworks, Mendota Days, West St. Paul parades and car shows, Night to Unite, Special Olympic events, car seat clinics, the Halloween bonfire, and other events in the nearby communities of Inver Grove Heights and South St. Paul. 

Reserves are required to volunteer 12 hours per month, involving vacation checks for our residents who may be away for short or extended periods of time, assisting at accidents with traffic control, transporting persons to jail or detox, working events posted in our city and neighboring cities, ride-alongs with a full-time Officer, the annual Citizens Police Academy, as well as attending other required training. The Reserve Program as a whole usually accounts for approximately 2,000 volunteer hours (or more) per year.

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