Emergency Preparedness / Pandemic Preparedness

As a City, we have been preparing in the event that Pandemic Influenza becomes a reality.  Our plans focus on delivering essential services to the community.  As a part of our preparations, we want to make sure that citizens are informed regarding the City, and Pandemic Influenza.  In the event of a pandemic outbreak, this web page will be updated regularly with information about city services.  However, until then, we encourage you to visit other sites to learn more on how you can prepare yourself and your family: 

www.Pandemicflu.gov   A great resource on all aspects of pandemic influenza – from information on the nature of the threat, to details on what each state is doing in regards to influenza.  This site is a great one-stop-shop for pandemic information. 

www.codeReady.com   This sight is the result of collaborative work between Minnesota Department of Health and Department of Public Safety – it provides a simple, useful format for preparing your family for any type of disaster.