The City's Public Works Department has a one member Utility Crew that is supplemented with a summer helper. This employee operates and maintains the City's sanitary sewer lines and lift stations. He is responsible for maintaining the sanitary sewer system, performs sanitary sewer lift station maintenance, sanitary sewer main repair, and sanitary sewer hook up inspections. His activities and the fees charged by the Metropolitan Council Environmental Services are supported by quarterly sanitary sewer charges to residents and businesses in the City.
After-Hour/Emergency Water Main Break Phone Number Is 651-266-6868 ext.#2.
Sanitary Sewer Rates

Sanitary sewer rates are based on winter quarter water consumption. Water usage during this quarter is the lowest of any quarter. The minimum quarterly charge is $68.00 ($60.75 For Sanitary sewer and $7.25 for Storm water) for the first 20 units of water used (100 cubic feet per unit) . An additional $2.15 is charged for each additional unit over 20. A storm sewer surcharge, which supports the costs for maintaining storm water holding ponds and part of the cost of storm water runoff projects, is charged on the quarterly sewer bill. The storm sewer surcharge is $7.25 per quarter for residential units. Commercial, industrial and institutional uses are charged based on the size of the property as follows:


Property Type


Cemetery /Golf




R-3 Properties


R-3 Units


Residential (R-1, R-2)






Residents can now pay their quarterly sewer bills electronically. The program is very simple. Download and complete the authorization form  Return the form to City Hall, 1101 Victoria Curve, Mendota Heights, Minnesota 55118 (Attention: Sharon). After you complete and return the form to City Hall, your utility payment can be automatically withdrawn from your bank account on the due date. Banking and government regulations ensure these transactions are safe. If you find that this payment option does not work for you, you can stop it at any time. Please feel free to contact City Hall at, 651-452-1850, if you have any questions.
Water Bills
   The St. Paul Regional Water Services provides water to Mendota Heights. St. Paul maintains the water lines and hydrants and bills its customers directly. You can contact St. Paul Water at (651)266-6350 for information regarding service and billings. A two million gallon water tower, located on South Lexington Avenue next to the City's Public Works Facility provides reserve water capacity. The water tower is owned by the City of Mendota Heights.
Sewer Bills - Changing Accounts

If you are a new homeowner, you need to change the sewer service account from the former owner's name to yours. To do this, please call City Hall at, (651)452-1850.

Sewer and Water Emergencies
If you have a problem with your sewer line, contact Public Works at (651) 454-4059 between 7:00 am and 3:30 pm. Outside of those hours, you can report an emergency to the Dakota Communication Center at (651) 322-2323 and they will contact one of the City's Public Works employees to resolve the problem. If you notice water in the street that could be from a water main break, please call the St. Paul Regional Water Services dispatcher at (651) 917-4777.
   If wastewater is backing up and no water is being used in your building, the City sewer may be plugged and you should call the City immediately. When in doubt, call the City first. During normal business hours, call the Public Works Department at (651) 454-4059. After hours, call the Dakota Communications Center at (651) 322-2323.
   If wastewater is backing up only when you are using water, the plug is likely in the service line and is the responsibility of the property owner. A qualified sewer cleaning contractor should be called to service the line.
   The property owner is responsible for maintaining the sanitary sewer service from their building up to and including the connection to the main sewer line.